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Frequently Asked Questions

How does our system work?

We meet face-to-face twice, 90 days apart, for 6 months from the first meeting. Each interview lasts between 90 and 120 minutes and detailed history taking, examination and treatment planning are done in accordance with holistic medical approaches. After the face-to-face meeting process is completed, the patient is followed up with weekly or daily reports with a regular e-mail system until the next examination process. This provides the patient with an inner confidence and peace of mind that “he/she has a private physician that he can always reach” and increases the patient’s motivation to reach their health goals. If the general health goals are achieved after the 6th month, the interview intervals are extended, and an interview is provided every 6 months. If necessary, these meetings are set annually from the 2nd year. The process of patients who have achieved their treatment goals and provided the necessary information and practices to protect these goals is successfully terminated.

Why our meetings are two hours?

The concept called examination is defined as a maximum of 20 in private hospitals and 5 to 10 minutes in public health institutions for internal branches within the hospital. However, in real life in practice, it is unlikely to take less than 90 minutes to listen to a patient’s complaints in detail during this period, to evaluate his CV, to evaluate his family history, to examine and to establish a relationship between all these diseases and to transfer it back to the patient. If you have decided to receive health care in such a place, please do not be in contact with physicians who see patients with a  functional medical approach.

The subjects we have been successful in

We are successful in many diseases with chronic ground.





Autoimmune disease (Hashimoto tiroiditis, diabetes, lupus, unctur, scleroderma etc)

Cardiovascular disease(hyperlipidemia, coronary and peripheral artery disease)

Chronic disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome .

Chronic pain




Digestive disorder

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